Fields of Activity

  • civil law, in particular, laws on contracts and agreements, liabilities, inheritance
  • commercial law
  • companies and partnerships laws
  • administrative law
  • public procurement law
  • energy law
  • criminal law
  • registration procedures


Within the scope of the aforesaid fields, the office has specialized in:

  • providing services to bodies of local self-government;
  • providing comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs;
  • matters falling within the scope of municipal utilities management, local self-government;
  • procedures to award public procurements;
  • collection of outstanding receivables;
  • seeking damages and remedies for personal injury and property loss;
  • seeking damages for property lost as a result of legislation nationalizing property;
  • seeking damages for locating technical infrastructure appliances (electrical energy, water supply, gas supply facilities) on another person’s grounds;
  • establishment of companies under commercial law and transformation processes in respect of the same;
  • international commerce
  • criminal cases, in particular cases connected with commercial activities.
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